We are so-so lucky.

We are lucky to have found such a good friends in our dogs. Our lives would be poorer without them. We haven’t thought one or two years before that we could become so “obsessed” by dogs and that it would turn our lives upside down like this. But we really don’t mind. The opposite!

We are lucky that we met Mr. and Mrs. Erdős the owner of our first golden retriever called Erdőskerti Orsi, namely Szamóca. She has such a nice personality and we met so many nice people and made friendships by her. After all it is no doubt we need one (or two, three) more dogs)

We are lucky because our youngest golden retriever Ginny (Ashbury Eternal Dream) was born at the right time concerning our needs and at a place, Ashbury Kennel that we appreciated so much. At last but not at least we are lucky because Cathy and Gerard (quite unbelievable for us) made it possible to get that new puppy we fell in love for the first sight.

These steps weren’t easy and without complications, but we think we are lucky people anyway.

Although we both like dogs, it was just a dream until 2007 to keep a golden retriever as we hadn’t adequate facilities or circumstances. Finally in August 2007 we moved to a new place, and that was suitable for keeping, dogs. So we started to look for puppies.

The most important thing was to find a reliable kennel. We met Kati and Laci from Erdőskerti Kennel and we found their high standards convincing and we can recommend them if you look for a conscientious breeder. We say thank you for Szamóca, our excellent golden retriever.

In the beginnings we didn’t plan to visit exhibitions, hunts or breed dogs, probably most of us feels the same at first. But later, fortunately, we had change our minds and now we are so grateful.

In 2009 we continued Szamóca’s training to see how successful is she on exhibitions. As we were absolute beginners, we were surprised that from the second part of the year she became more and more successful.

At that time some Hungarian judges on different exhibitions and some international breeder (Catherine Collins – Erinderry Kennel, Anne Woodcock – Stanroph Kennel) said words of appreciation about Szamóca. These words proved that Szamóca is a beautiful retriever and worth breeding.

At that year we had our second golden retriever, Ginny. First were full of questions: Will we have enough time for two dogs? or How do they like each other? Finally, we had to decide if we need a new puppy. And we wanted one.

We were much better prepared at looking for our second dog. We knew which place to go and which type to chose and which breed we really liked. Erdőskerti Kennel was our first choice obviously again, but that time around their puppies weren’t born yet and we were too impatient to wait half a year or a year. Especially because of our future plans, so we started a more intensive search. At last Ashbury Eternal Dream, Ginny – our “very” dog, arrived in March.

Ginny’s personality brought more colour into our lives. Her temperament is overwhelming. She does everything with passion. She plays, works and loves with all her being. She is a little energy bomb, and it’s really lucky that as our second dog we had more experience to train and bring her up.

Many times she tested our patience as there wasn’t a day when she didn’t surprise us with her mischief. But it is impossible to be angry with her.

Well, we still have a long way to go. Ginny is very promising in the field of exhibitions also: as she loves showing up, moves beautifully in the ring and she achieved really good results. We are very expectant concerning her future.

Well, shortly this is us – the Strawberry Goldens kennel.

We wish all present and future dog breeders as much or more luck and happiness as we had in the past few years.

Best regards, Éva, Zsolt